ACDC Approves Primary for 2015 County Board Election

Arlington County Democratic Committee Approves Primary for 2015 County Board Election; Announces School Board Caucus Dates

Arlington, VA – At its monthly meeting this evening, the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) voted unanimously in favor of a primary for local candidates in the November 2015 election. By state law, the primary will be held on Tuesday, June 9th* at all of the 52 polling locations in Arlington County. Polls will be open from 6am to 7pm. Absentee voting will be available both in person and by mail through the Office of the Registrar.

Kip Malinosky, Chair of ACDC said, “We’re Democrats; we want more people to vote. We believe a County primary will result in greater voter turnout as it provides more citizens with easier access to the ballot box. We also want voters to be informed, so the Committee is planning to host five County Board debates in May and early June.”

The Committee also approved a School Board Caucus, if it is required.

  • May 14 – School Board Caucus, Drew Model School, 7pm-9pm (early voting day)
  • May 16 – School Board Caucus, Washington Lee HS, 11am-7pm

Other important dates for citizens wanting to run for office and/or to vote:

  • March 2 – School Board Candidate Filing Deadline & Training 7pm
  • March 9 – Candidates in all other races can begin filing with the Party Chair
  • March 26 at 5:00pm – Deadline for Candidate Declarations filed with Dept. of Elections
  • May 18 – Last day for voters to register to vote for the primary June 9 – Primary Election Day

For more information about running for office please visit the read the State Department of Elections bulletin here. For questions please email

* Note: The Virginia General Assembly is considering moving the official primary date from the second Tuesday in June to the third Tuesday in June. If passed, the primary date may be changed to June 16, 2015.