Press Release: Arlington County Elects Democrats by Voting in Record Numbers in Non-Presidential Election

Arlington, VA – November 7, 2017 — Arlington voted in record numbers today for Democratic leadership. At the state level, Arlington helped elect Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring in a statewide sweep. Closer to home, Arlington Democrats elected Erik Gutshall for County Board and Monique O’Grady for School Board. Arlington’s House of Delegates members Mark Levine, Alfonso Lopez, Patrick Hope and Rip Sullivan were also all reelected.

The thousands of volunteer hours Arlington County Democratic Committee, the Virginia Democratic Party, and Arlington’s progressive grassroots organizations spent registering voters, knocking on doors, and making calls sends a strong message endorsing Democratic leadership. Arlingtonians voted in record numbers in person and via absentee voting, demonstrating that they have a clear idea of where Virginia should go – and it’s not the way of Donald Trump and current national policies.

Monique O’Grady said, “This has been a stellar night across Virginia! I am humbled to have earned the trust of Arlington voters and look forward to serving on the School Board and to working with the great leaders in Arlington and the Commonwealth that are sharing a victorious night. Together we can help all our students succeed in our diverse and inclusive community.”

Erik Gutshall, who won the seat being vacated by Jay Fisette, said, “Tonight, we rejoice in the knowledge that the true creed of our nation, ‘liberty and justice for all,’ has prevailed in Virginia as we commit ourselves to form a more perfect union where all Virginians have value and opportunity. I am proud to be a part of this historic ticket and I am focused on the future as we work to keep Arlington affordable, create an economy that works for all, and address the school capacity challenge without leaving any student behind.”

ACDC Chairman Kip Malinosky issued the following statement:

“Tonight is a tremendous victory for Arlington and Virginia. However, as President Obama once said ‘This victory is not the change we seek, but the chance to make that change.’ We must now work to expand Medicaid, work for women’s reproductive health, invest in better schools, and train the workforce of the future – because yes, we still can.”

Official statement can be seen here.