What can you do? Raise your voice, early and often 


Children, teenagers, and young adults in Virginia—known nationally as Dreamers—are facing deportation before, on, or shortly after March 5th if Congress and the President don’t act. Following bipartisan negotiations, Democratic Congressional leaders offered major concessions on other immigration issues, including funding for Trump’s Wall, in exchange for a path to citizenship for Dreamers. Your voice is needed to ensure that a compromise protecting Dreamers is enacted into law, now.

Dreamers are young people who were brought into the United States without documentation, by others, as small children. They have grown up here and know no other home. Like earlier immigrants, many have distinguished themselves, developing strong academic records and a committed work ethic. Over 80% are employed and, if they stay, would pay over $20 billion in taxes over the next decade.

Yet hardliners in the White House and on the Hill want to deport Dreamers. President Trump’s position is unclear. In the fall, he cancelled DACA renewals. Many Dreamers have since lost their status and hence their ability to work legally. (Following a temporary court order, renewals recently resumed, but the order is not expected to be in effect long.) And Trump has directed that the program end entirely on March 5 unless Congress acts. Yet Trump has suggested several times that he would sign a DACA compromise.

Without legislation, over 700,000 Dreamers, including many in Arlington, will face eventual deportation to a country where they have few ties. There are many stories about individual Dreamers, their accomplishments and hopes, and the dramatic uncertainties and dangers these young people now face through no fault of their own. Hearing these accounts, over 80% of Americans and a majority of Republicans want to allow Dreamers to become citizens.

The future of DACA has become entangled with the need to appropriate funding to keep the government open past Friday, January 19. Whatever the outcome of that issue, Democrats must stand together to protect Dreamers. Call your representatives and demand that they provide residency and a path to citizenship for all Dreamers, now.


Contact your Representatives

Proposed script: I strongly support U.S. residency and a path to citizenship for all Dreamers. Any other course would be cruel and un-American. Please fight for this legislation.

Sen. Mark Warner- DC: (202) 224-2023; Abingdon: 276-628-8158; Norfolk: 757-441-3079; Richmond: 804-775-2314; Roanoke: 540-857-2676; Vienna: 703-442-0670

Sen. Tim Kaine- DC: (202) 224-4024; Abingdon: (276) 525-4790; Danville: (434) 792-0976; Manassas: (703) 361-3192; Richmond: (804) 771-2221; Roanoke: (540) 682-5693; Virginia Beach: (757) 518-1674

Rep. Don Beyer- DC: (202) 225-4376; Alexandria: 703-658-5403


Also, call these Representatives, from purple districts in Virginia

Rep. Scott Taylor- DC: (202) 225-4215; Virginia Beach (757) 364-7650; Eastern Shore: (757) 646-7357; Yorktown: (757) 364-7650

Rep. Dave Brat- DC: (202) 225-2815; Glen Allen: (804) 747-4073; Spotsylvania: (504) 507-7216

Rep. Barbara Comstock- DC: (202) 225-5136; Loudoun County: (703) 404-6903; Winchester: (540) 773-3600


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