Momentum Growing Among Arlington Democrats Joining March to the Polls on January 20, 2018 in Support of Democratic Values

Arlington, VA – January 15, 2018 — The Arlington County Democratic Committee (Arlington Democrats) announced last week its plans to commemorate the anniversary of the Women’s March in support of Democratic values. As part of the #WeekendofAction2018, this year’s march serves as a celebration for what we have accomplished in the past year, a reminder that the resistance is strong and growing stronger, and a call to action for the coming year.

We are Marching on the Polls this year, and momentum is growing as grass-roots organizations coordinate with Arlington Democrats. Marching in solidarity with Arlington Democrats are,

• Arlington Young Democrats,
• Our Revolution Arlington,
• Network NOVA,
• Together We Will NOVA,
• Indivisible Arlington,
• We of Action, and
• Blue Families.

See here for more information regarding the #WeekendofAction2018 events.

Read the full press release here.