Precinct Operations

The most important job I ever had was Precinct Captain
-Harry S. Truman

You, too, can be a precinct captain! The Arlington Democrats will train you, help you get started, and offer assistance along the way. Read below for more details; for more information or to get involved, sign up here.

The Precinct Operations Team– Coordination and Support

Arlington Democrat's Precinct Operations team coordinates the work of the precinct captains, providing them with support and resources to build a strong foundation within each community. Precinct Ops runs countywide efforts to identify voters, recruit volunteers, and communicate with voters about important issues affecting their lives.  Together with our precinct captains, Precinct Operations represents the “Feet on the Street” that create, develop, and sustain the Democratic Party’s relationship with its voters in the community.

Precinct Operations also partners with individual candidate campaigns both locally and statewide.

Selected Precinct Activities include:

  • Delivering newsletters and flyers door-to-door throughout the county
  • Door-to-door canvassing and phone banking to identify Democratic voters
  • Inviting neighbors, volunteers, elected officials & local candidates to house parties
  • Phone calling and canvassing to Get-out-the-Vote (GOTV) around Election Day
  • Greet and hand out sample ballots on Election Day as voters arrive at the polls

Check out Arlington County’s info page on polling locations and precincts.

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