All Hands On Deck

Volunteers are needed to keep Virginia blue – from here in Arlington up to the Governor’s mansion in Richmond. Trumpism is still alive in Virginia, which is why turning out every single Democratic vote in Arlington is as urgent as ever. There are opportunities to volunteer as early as September and all the way through Election Day on November 2.

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Sign up to help us:

  • Early Poll Greeting: Early Voting will begin on Friday, September 17 and will continue through October 31. In this year, when many voters are unaware of the statewide election, as an Early Voting poll greeter, you will ensure that voters know all of our Democratic candidates, as well as the high stakes involved in keeping Virginia BLUE!

  • November 2 Poll Greeting: On Election Day, Poll Greeters hand out Democratic sample ballots to voters.  Sample ballots are critical for local races, where candidates are not listed by party affiliation. We need as many volunteers as possible in order to fill two-hour shifts between 5:30 am and 7 pm at each of the 54 polling places in Arlington.

  • GOTV, Canvassing, and more: View our Mobilize page for numerous opportunities in the area to help get out the vote!
Poll greeting