Blue Victory Dinner Breaks Records and Energizes Arlington Democrats

Blue Victory Dinner Breaks Records and Energizes Arlington Democrats

Arlington, VA – April 22, 2018— Arlington Democrats are excited to announce record-breaking turn out and fundraising from last night’s Blue Victory Dinner.  Fundraising broke the $50,000 mark before the event began, with 350 tickets purchased in advance – a hundred more than previous records.

The mood was electric, beginning with that the award-winning podcast Pantsuit Politics hosting a VIP reception with special honorees Hala Ayala, Jennifer Carroll Foy, Karrie Delaney, Wendy Gooditis, Elizabeth Guzman, Danica Roem and Kathy Tran – seven of the eleven women who flipped seats from red to blue in the House of Delegates last year – and ending with Senator Tim Kaine’s keynote speech, which laid out the positive Democratic agenda and served as a call to action.

The Blue Victory Dinner honored the women who have done the extraordinary: stepped into the arena, worked their hearts out in campaigns, delivered inspiring messages involving real solutions, and turned out historical numbers of fellow citizens to vote.  By flipping seats in the House of Delegates from red to blue, these women not only have reclaimed power for the Democratic Party; they’ve set an example for what it means to speak to, and for, broad, diverse, and representative groups of constituents.  These women are the future, and Arlington Democrats came out in force to celebrate them – because Arlington, too, is showing the way to America’s future:

  • A future in which women have an equal voice in government, in business, and in civic life;
  • A future in which diversity in all its forms is a strength and not a source of division;
  • A future in which smart growth works hand-in-hand with strong environmental stewardship;
  • A future in which good and honest government works for everyone; and
  • A future in which education and training are at the core of personal success, civic engagement, and good governance.

The Blue Victory Dinner also recognized volunteer award winners, who have worked tirelessly to help Arlingtonians register, vote, and engage. They also have looked beyond Arlington to support other communities as they map their own bright futures. The following awards were presented: 

Newcomer of the Year, to Joshua Kaplowitz, for spearheading the Blue Families program, which organizes family-friendly events that provide opportunities for parents to engage by canvassing, writing post cards, and participating in the political process while spending time with their children and passing on a sense of civic responsibility.

Unsung Hero, to Jean Christensen, for her stewardship of Marshall Precinct and her tireless efforts leading the Arlington Democrats participation in Arlington’s many farmers markets.

Campaigner of the Year, to Steve Baker, for conceptualizing and running the Beyond Arlington program, which mobilizes the energy of Arlington Democrats to help progressive Democratic Candidates from Prince Willian County to Arizona.

Precinct Captain of the Year, to Cheryl Roesel, for her tireless efforts to turnout the vote in Arlington Forest Precinct, including a canvass that engaged all voters, regardless of known political affiliation, in a civil discussion of practical solutions to the issues facing Arlingtonians.

Jean Marshall Crawford Women’s Leadership Award, to Heather Keppler, who founded the highly successful Women’s Huddle for Falls Church and the Westover area of Arlington and brought her grassroots energy to the Democratic Party by becoming a Precinct Captain for Lexington Precinct.

Mary Marshall Outstanding Democrat Award, to former Arlington Democrats Chair Kip Malinosky, for more than a decade of inspired leadership of, and relentless dedication to, the Democratic Party in Arlington.

Reflecting on the evening, current Arlington Democrats Chair Jill Caiazzo noted: “The Arlington Democrats are leading the next stage of the Resistance, focused on reigniting the joyful optimism that built this great country. That joy, which electrified the Blue Victory Dinner, will be the lifeforce of the Blue Wave of 2018.”

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