De Ferranti working county neighborhoods for votes

De Ferranti working county neighborhoods for votes

Matt de Ferrenti Knocking DoorsMatt de Ferranti, our nominee for the County Board, is knocking on hundreds of doors each week, not to mention attending events and public meetings when he’s not pounding the pavement.  He’s also been given lemonade and heard all about pickle ball.

Neither rain nor stifling humidity has kept him from talking with and listening to voters, sharing his message and seeking to earn the support needed to win November 6.

Matt said voters seem to like what they are hearing.  “My vision for a revitalized economy that grows our economy, provides new jobs, and promotes small businesses on our transit corridors is a stark contrast to my opponent’s ‘stuck in the headwinds’ approach to economic development.  My commitment to building a fourth high school comparable to the other three, bringing the next generation of high-speed wireless to Arlington to make us the R&D capitol of Virginia, and affordable housing so Arlington has a thriving middle class is future-oriented and dynamic.  And my support for the Community Energy Plan (CEP) and ending childhood hunger in our community demonstrates my support for thinking globally by acting locally.”

A candidate’s day is always full and can be exhausting, but it also delivers a huge return in the form of new friends and learning what matters to voters.  Matt said, “A typical day for me includes knocking on doors to introduce myself to voters, listening to their concerns and suggestions, and answering their questions. One elderly resident recently suggested that pickle ball be added to the racquet sports played at community centers.  One gave me the best glass of lemonade I think I’ve ever had. Several have noticed that I could use water. I’ve been grateful throughout.”

Matt has attended numerous events, including the Arlington Young Democrats forum on immigrant voices, which was “inspiring and reminded me yet again that we are all connected.”  Matt also attended an exhibit hosted by the Black Heritage Museum of Arlington (BHMA) where he discussed Arlington’s vibrant and vital African American history with teachers, Columbia Pike residents and community leaders. 

“With less than 100 days until Election Day, I am making sure that my team keeps me busy—every second busy. And I’m working hard for each and every vote.  Be certain to stop and chat with me if you see me canvassing in your neighborhood, or at a farmer’s market or festival,” he said.