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Your financial support will help us increase voter participation, reach out to more Arlington residents about ACDC events and activities, mail literature in support of our candidates, just to name a few. Your financial support can be in one of two ways:

Recurring Support through the Roosevelt-Obama Society

The Roosevelt-Obama Society exists to ensure that the Arlington Democrats always have the operating funds necessary to fully support aggressive involvement within Arlington and beyond into the Commonwealth and United States to promote and elect Democratic leaders. We honor Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama by naming our sustained donor program after them. Both presidents were transformational leaders serving with grace, dignity, and intelligence in public service. Their lives provide inspiration for our giving tiers.

Member LevelMonthly PaymentYearly Payment
New Dealer$15/mo$180
Community Organizer$25/mo$300
Fireside Supporter$35/mo$420
Hope and Change Agent$50/mo$600
Chair's Circle$100/mo$1,200

One-time Individual Contribution

Your one-time contribution goes to support the Arlington Democratic Party's headquarters and operations here in Arlington.