Dollars for Dems

Did you know that Virginia is ground zero for the most important U.S. election this year? Just two states will elect a governor in 2021, and only Virginia’s gubernatorial race is considered competitive. The nation will be watching Virginia to see if the diverse Democratic coalition which elected the historic Biden-Harris ticket has staying power. We’re determined to prove that the answer is a resounding yes!

Arlington will play an outsized role in securing a Democratic victory this year. Virginia will stay blue because of our votes -- and our sweat equity. Winning races up and down the ballot throughout the Commonwealth will take hours of phone and text banking, registering new voters, and organizing events in support of our candidates. And, as we return to in-person campaigning, it also will take a significant financial investment to reach every last voter.

The heart and soul of the Democratic Party are its small donors. Together, we provide almost a quarter of the party’s funding. Your dollars now will underwrite needs such as the publication and distribution of campaign literature, social media advertising, and office supplies for phone bankers and voter registration volunteers.

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