Dollars for Dems

Dollars for Democrats

It is no exaggeration that 2020 is the most important election of our lives. Each day seems to bring a new crisis and a new outrage from Trump's GOP. Restoring Democratic leadership in our country is required for our shared future prosperity and, frankly, is our moral imperative.

The Democratic candidates on the ballot are the leaders we need, and can be proud of, at this critical moment. Joe Biden has the character, experience, and empathy to address the immediate crises we face while rebuilding our American community and our institutions. Retaining Mark Warner as the senior Senator from Virginia is essential to flipping the Senate blue. He will enable incoming President Biden to implement policies that will help all Arlingtonians and Americans to succeed. Reelecting Congressman Don Beyer is vital to preserving the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and to safeguarding an outspoken, progressive voice in the halls of power. Returning Libby Garvey to the County Board and electing Cristina Diaz-Torres and David Priddy to the School Board will ensure that the Arlington government reflects our values of compassion, inclusiveness, and racial equity.

Arlington will play an outsized role in securing a Democratic victory this year. Virginia will stay blue because of our votes -- and our sweat equity. Winning races up and down the ballot throughout the Commonwealth will take hours of phone and text banking, registering new voters, and organizing Zoom events in support of our candidates. And, with many traditional means of campaigning unavailable because of the pandemic, it also will take a significant financial investment to reach every last voter.

We are writing to ask for your support of our Democratic grassroots efforts. The heart and soul of the Democratic Party are its small donors. Together, we provide almost a quarter of the party's funding. Your dollars now will underwrite needs such as the publication and distribution of campaign literature, social media advertising, and office supplies for phone bankers and voter registration volunteers.

Please give as generously as you can. The average contribution in recent years has been $50. Every dollar helps. To donate, please complete the contribution form on this page.

We will be working hard in Arlington and throughout the state to turn out every last Democratic vote. Your donation will help us succeed. We deeply appreciate whatever amount you give.