Start Making a Difference Now!

While the news out of Washington continues to be ominous, there’s so much you can do right now to make a difference in Arlington. Help us elect Ralph Northam for Governor and Justin Fairfax for Lt Governor, as well as reelect Attorney General Mark Herring, Delegate Mark Levine, Delegate Patrick Hope, Delegate Rip Sullivan, and Delegate Alfonso Lopez. And don’t forget about our critical local races!  We need your help to elect Erik Gutshall to the County Board and Monique O’Grady to the School Board. All of our candidates will fight for better jobs, wages and training, protect the environment and promote clean energy, and support schools and teachers. With the Trump Administration failing to lead in these critical areas, we must ensure that state and local governments step up.


Please help us with one or more of the following activities:

Join the Arlington Democrats volunteers to stay involved

Get connected with your precinct captain


Canvass and Call for Democrats in Arlington

The Coordinated Campaign is ramping up BIG TIME, and we need YOUR help talking to voters in Arlington!  Why spend your valuable volunteer time in reliably blue Arlington?  There are huge numbers of Democratic voters in Arlington, but an astonishing number of them do not even know that there is an important election this year.  Democrats need these Arlington voters to win the statewide races!  Without exaggeration, Arlington can provide the margin of victory for all of the statewide races — but we need your help to do it.  

We have multiple canvass and phone bank opportunities each week.  Please view the full schedule here, and check back regularly for updates!  RSVP with this Google Form.


Go “Beyond Arlington” – Flipping House Seats in 2017

Join the Beyond Arlington Program and help win some House of Delegate seats for the Democrats.  There were 17 House of Delegate Districts, currently held by Republicans, that voted Democratic in 2016; the exact number needed by the Democrats to win a majority in the House.   We are phone banking every Tuesday and Thursday at ACDC from 6:00-8:30 pm, you can RSVP here.  We are also canvassing every weekend for our adopted candidates in Prince William, Loudoun and Fairfax.  Our Adopt-a-District form is here.  

These are all amazing candidates in very winnable districts.  Direct voter contact through phone banking and canvassing is crucial to our success.  Most importantly, these activities are easy and fun.  Don’t wait to get started, just sign up today!  Other questions can be directed to Steve Baker at  


Staff Arlington Festivals and Farmers Markets

The Arlington Democrats have a presence at local festivals and farmers markets throughout the year.  Many of these events take place in the lead up to the general election in November. We need many volunteers at these events to register voters and provide critical information about the upcoming election. Signup with this Google Form.


Poll Greeting

Poll greeters are essential to a Democratic win across the ballot!  Why? By law, local candidates are not identified by Party affiliation on the ballot.  We must ensure that all Democrats who show up to vote for Ralph Northam know about our terrific County Board and School Board candidates, Erik Gutshall and Monique O’Grady.  Poll greeters perform this critical function by providing important candidate information to voters.

Poll greeters are needed for TWO different time periods. First, we need poll greeters on Election Day (November 7), naturally.  Second, we also need poll greeters for the absentee in person voting period, which begins on Friday, September 22 at 2100 Clarendon Boulevard in the Courthouse neighborhood.  This means that there are LOTS of poll greeting shifts — literally a shift for every schedule!  Even an hour of your time as a poll greeter would be extremely valuable!

If you are interested in poll greeting on Election Day, sign up here.  A coordinator will contact you to schedule your shift.

If you are interested in poll greeting during the absentee in person voting period, click here to view the entire schedule and to signup for one or multiple shifts!

Display a Yard Sign

​Show your Democrat pride and help get out the vote by displaying a yard sign!  The Arlington Dems are now accepting orders for tri-candidate yard signs, at a cost of $2 per sign.  Yard signs are expected to be ready for pickup by the end of August.  Order now while supplies last!