Blue Families

Young families are a great untapped resource for Democrats in Arlington and nationwide.  The Arlington County Democratic Committee’s Blue Families initiative is aimed at helping folks with kids to fit progressive political activism into our busy schedules.   

Getting Off The Sidelines in a Deep Blue Suburb

Read about the founding of Arlington Democrats Blue Families in The Forge: Organizing, Strategy, and Practice

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Resisting while Social Distancing

Blue Families’ plan is to harness that energy by providing resources and mentorship for planning and hosting kid-friendly, kid-compatible, and (dare we say it) fun events in our communities.  Here is how we’re doing this:

  1. How-To Guides!
    • Blue Families has created the following “how-to” guides:
    • As the election cycle progresses, Blue Families will be creating more “how-to’s” for kid-friendly versions of other essential political activities, including voter registration drives, literature drops, and canvassing.  Naturally, these resources can be used whether you have kids or not.
  2. Assistance!
    • Want to host or plan an event?  A Blue Families advisor can hook you up with the resources you need, including phone banking software, campaign literature, letter templates, and canvassing maps.
  3. Feedback!
    • If you hosted an event, we want to hear how it went.  What worked?  What didn’t?  How many calls did you make?  How many letters did you write?  How many doors did you knock on?
  4. Brainstorming!
    • Have a family-friendly activist idea that we haven’t thought of?  Let us know, and we’ll help you make it happen

Our vision: become a laboratory for kid-friendly activism in our communities.  Our goal: families hosting kid-friendly activist events in every corner of the county (and beyond), every week between now and November (and beyond).