Help with High Rises

Over half of Arlington residents live in apartment buildings and condominiums.  Arlington Democrats are looking for volunteers who live in High Rises and garden apartments. Volunteers will reach out to those who live in their buildings with information about voter registration, early voting, election dates, candidates,  etc.  Many buildings have tight restrictions and our volunteers observe the rules of their buildings. Some buildings are less stringent than others, but whatever you can do is helpful. 

Typical activities for High Rise volunteers include, where allowed:

  • Helping to arrange for voter registration events 
  • Sharing information about upcoming events like primary day and election day (posting flyers in elevators or mail rooms, etc.) 
  • Fostering Democratic community in your building 

Being a building volunteer is easy and fun. Many of our volunteers find it a great way to meet their neighbors. Arlington Democrats will provide you with all the help that you need.