Phone Bank from Home

Phone banking is a great way to connect with voters these days as people are more apt to answer their phones and engage with volunteers. We are seeing unprecedented contact rates.

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It's not difficult to do. We provide training - you will need a computer to access the names of the voters to call. We are doing virtual phone banks on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00-8:30pm where we will have staff available to answer any questions that you might have about what you’re doing. Scripts are provided. While you don’t need specific information about the state that you’re calling into, it does help to have a few sentences in your mind about issues of importance to Democratic voters in the country. 

Here’s what we were recently doing and still may be doing to give you an example:

  • We are working with Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger’s re-election campaign (VA-7) to recontact all of her volunteers from 2016 and assess their interest in helping in 2020.  In addition, it’s an opportunity to check in with fellow Democrats and see how they and their family are doing during these tough times.  These calls should be fairly easy to do.
  • We are working with the North Carolina Democratic party on the Cal Cunningham Senate race where he has an excellent chance to beat the current incumbent. But he needs lots of help and he’s getting it from us.  We are calling unidentified voters to ascertain whether they might be leaning towards Cunningham.  This information is critical come fall when both sides will be working on getting out their voters.  The calls can be relatively quick but we have lots to make.

In the past, we’ve worked in Arizona on Mark Kelly’s campaign for Senate, we’ve called into Wisconsin during the last race for the Supreme Court.

Sign Up to Phone Bank

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