Election Day Poll Greeting

Biden Harris
Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President


All 54 polling locations will be open on November 3rd and we need volunteers to make sure our voters have access to the sample Democratic ballot. Safety first! Volunteers work in shifts pointing voters to large posters with lists of our candidates and ballot issues and to chairs or tables with stacks of the sample Democratic ballot on them for voters to take. At Early in Person Voting at Courthouse Plaza, some poll greeters are handing out sample Democratic ballots and voters are taking them, but there is no expectation or pressure on poll greeters to hand them out on Nov. 3rd. Masks will be provided for all poll greeters and hand sanitizer will also be available at all polling locations. Additional details about the safety protocol will be provided by email to all poll greeters. These plans are subject to change if state or county restrictions are imposed.

Ask: If you are willing to serve as a poll greeter on Nov 3rd, subject to the conditions described above, please sign up using the form below. We will contact you to confirm your poll greeting assignment.

Please contact pollgreeting@arlingtondemocrats.org if you have questions. Thanks!