Volunteer Opportunities

Stay connected with Arlington Democrats to find out about local volunteer opportunities, which are added frequently. We’ll also put you in touch with your precinct captain, who can help connect you to opportunities within Arlington Democrats that match your specific skills and interests. Read below to find out about specific opportunities.

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Volunteer with the Arlington Democrats to...

Connect with voters

Connecting with your precinct captain is the best way to help you find ways to reach voters in your community. This may be through direct conversations with voters, registering new voters, distributing literature during critical campaign times, or providing rides to the polls. You could also join the precinct operations team to help organize in your neighborhood!

  • Work with Arlington Democrats to connect with current and future voters. Canvassing, phone banking, texting, literature distribution, and postcard writing are critical to achieving a election gains.  With these activities, we can engage in meaningful conversations with voters about key issues, introduce voters to our candidates, and provide valuable voting information.
  • Voter registration drives help those to reach those who are first time voters, new to the area, or just moved across Arlington. More
  • Did you know that Arlington Democrats provide rides to the polls every election for those in need free of charge? You can help with this necessary service either with coordination or by driving.
  • Poll greeters are essential to a Democratic win across the ballot! Why? By law, local candidates are not identified by Party affiliation on the ballot. We must ensure that all Democrats who show up to vote for our amazing Congressional candidates also know about our terrific County Board and School Board candidates.
  • Voter Protection Poll Volunteers are the firewall to ensure that all eligible voters have their votes counted.  Read about the roles below and sign up to join the team.
    • Poll Observers: Election Day
      • Inside Poll Observers monitor all activities in the poll and are empowered to intervene in any voter challenge, e.g., voter ID or address, eligibility determinations, voting procedures, etc.
      • Outside Poll Observersreport any activity that interferes with or denies eligible voters’ poll access, e.g., long lines, improper poll behavior, voter harassment, etc.  
    • Voter Protection Hotline Volunteers answer questions,explain registration, share deadlines, contact “inactive” Democratic voters, etc.
    • Voter Protection Post-Election Volunteers serve in the 3 days after poll-close, calling “Provisional Voters” to help them “cure” their uncounted ballots, i.e. make their votes count with proof of eligibility.

Reach out

  • Staff Arlington Democrats Booth at Street Fairs, Festivals, and Farmers Markets. From registering voters to providing critical candidate/voting information, these are great opportunities to connect with voters and reach out to the community. These are a fun activities with lots of great voter engagement!
  • Make a difference by engaging our local businesses, community development groups, or our unions and working families on the issues that matter to them most. We need volunteers to help Arlington Dems stay connected with these key stakeholders by building sustainable relationships with one or several of these groups to keep us informed on their views and needs. Interested? Please contact Meredith Sumpter.
  • Building Ambassadors work within building rules to help us reach residents in Arlington's high-rise apartments and condos which are often locked to non-residents. Building ambassadors organize activities that are best for their buildings such as voter registration events (in the lobby), displaying non-partisan signs about voting dates and locations, hosting watch parties, etc., More

Do good with active, like-minded volunteers

  • The Arlington Young Democrats are a group of progressive and liberal individuals under the age of 35 who provide an inclusive, growing, and empowering forum for all community members. More
  • Beyond Arlington is the program within the Arlington Democrats that seeks to our wealth of volunteers to neighboring communities across Virginia to help them elect Democratic candidates. More
  • Blue Community Corps is the service arm of the Arlington Democrats. This group puts into action the core values as Democrats: inclusiveness, service to the community, and environmental stewardship. This group shows that we are not just out to get votes, but to make a difference in the community. More
  • The Blue Families initiative is aimed at helping folks with kids to fit progressive political activism into their busy schedules.   Blue Families harnesses that energy by providing resources and mentorship for planning and hosting kid-friendly, kid-compatible, and (dare we say it) fun events in our communities. More

Go behind the scenes with the Arlington Democrats team

  • The Communications Team works to reach our audiences through social media. Not only does this mean our vibrant Facebook and Twitter communities, but also by writing content for The Voice. We're always looking for press people, digital media managers, writers, editors, and graphic artists. More
  • The Technology and Data Team provides the technology tools to support volunteer recruitment and organizing. We manage voter outreach data, facilitate email outreach, maintain the organization’s website, and conduct data analysis to improve campaign and fundraising targeting. More