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For years, the DPVA Voter Protection Team has helped Virginia voters elect Democrats. This year, DPVA is taking on the challenges of covid with three great voter protection programs you can join virtually and /or in-person.  Team members are lawyers and others who care about to ensuring voter access to free and fair elections. As always, volunteers from DC, MD, and beyond, are also welcomed members VA’s Voter Pro Team. Please join us, Virginia voters need your help! 

Virginia Voter Hotline: now and through the election

As a Voter Protection Hotline Team Volunteer, you’ll work from anywhere that is convenient for you.  Answering phone calls during your choice of time slots, you’ll respond to voters’ questions about voting and assist them through any issues they are experiencing.  

No voter protection experience is required; and if you speak another language, even better!  Training, materials and links are provided online. Volunteering with the DPVA Hotline is a great way to empower and motivate voter and provide secure voting alternatives that give voters confidence about their vote and their health.

For more information or questions, please email the Voter Protection Team at  Empowering voters can change election results! 

Voter Protection Poll Observers: Election Day

Poll Observers are critical to helping maintain Virginia’s Blue margin. To ensure every eligible Virginian can vote in November, we need Inside and Outside Poll Observers.  

  • Inside Poll Observers are registered VA voters, trained and credentialed (virtually) by DPVA to monitor election day Poll activities. They are empowered to observe voter check-in, eligibility determinations, voting procedure, and intervene in voter eligibility challenges and ballot disputes. Inside Poll Observers must be registered Virginia voters.
  • Outside Poll Observers do not need to be VA voters. They are trained and credentialed (virtually) to serve right outside the poll on election day.  They identify, report, and intervene in any activities which may interfere with, prevent or deny eligible voters’ access to the poll, including over-long lines, improper poll behavior, voter harassment, etc.    Working with the Inside Poll Observer, they assist voters to have their provisional ballots counted or get to the proper poll.

Voter Protection Post-Election Volunteers: Two-to-three days after November election

  • Rapid response to provisional voters is essential!  Calls from Post-Election Volunteers motivate provisional voters to “cure” their ballot, i.e., make their vote count
  •  Calls from Post-Election Volunteers remind provisional voters who failed to show proper ID or proof of address at the poll, that their votes count if they present their credentials in the days immediately following the election—and help them do it.
  • Virginia needs hundreds of Post-Election Volunteers.  They can change election results.  

Additional Resources

The VA Democrats have put together some great resources that answer many questions about voting and voter protection including voter protection training.

The state site also allows you to see whether you are registered, to check your poll location, learn the candidates, etc:

The Virginia Voter Hotline is a year-round hotline that any voter can call to ask questions about voting or get assistance if they experience an issue while voting. The Hotline number is 844-4VA-VOTE (844-482-8683). Voters can also text "voteVA" to 24365 to text Hotline volunteers.

Questions for us? Contact us at