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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants ...

Inspired by the courageous example set by the late Georgia Congressman John Lewis, Arlington Democrats are committed to expanding voter participation to every eligible U.S. citizen in the County. 

All political observers agree that this year's statewide Virginia election for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General and every House of Delegate seat, is a bellwether for how the Democratic Party will perform over the next few years. 

NOW is the time to accelerate from our presidential victory in 2020, and ensure that the values of democracy and inclusion WIN everywhere! 

If you haven’t registered voters before, no worries! Training is simple and accessible from home. We ask all volunteers, including veteran VR&I captains, to view the Virginia Department of Elections video for voter registration training.  It takes about 25 minutes, provides the basics of the process and details the responsibilities of volunteers who register and inform voters. 

JOIN US! Voter Registration Locations Sept. 11 - Oct. 9

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