Representative Don Beyer

Rep. Don Beyer is serving his third term as the representative from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. He serves on the Committee on Ways and Means. He is vice chair of the Joint Economic Committee and is a co-chair of the New Democrat Coalition’s Climate Change Task Force. He was lieutenant governor of Virginia from 1990 to 1998 and was ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein under Pres. Obama.

On Capitol Hill, Don is focused on mitigating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, combating the harmful consequences of global climate change, and continuing our economic recovery with a middle class economic action plan. Don is working to raise the minimum wage, ensure equal pay for equal work, end government shutdowns, and promote tax policies that empower the working class and middle class.

Don is committed to strengthening our public schools and supporting our educators, pushing the Congress to address student loan debt and college affordability, fighting to uphold federal civil rights protections, and ensuring colleges are addressing sexual assault properly.

Rep. Beyer supports full equality for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals without equivocation.

Don believes all American families should have access to quality healthcare. No family should face economic ruin because of a health crisis.

The best way to ensure true financial security for middle class families is to support women in the workforce. Rep. Beyer believes we must guarantee equal pay for equal work. Women must be able to make their own economic decisions, including whether and when to have children. This delicate equilibrium is possible only with affordable child care, reliable health care, workplace flexibility, paid family and medical leave, and safe reproductive care.

Don and his wife Megan live in Alexandria. They have four children and two grandchildren.

Facebook: @friendsofDonBeyer
Twitter: @DonBeyerVA