Vice President Joe Biden

We’re in a battle for the soul of America. We’re Americans: tough, resilient, and always full of hope. It’s time to live up to our nation’s values.

We’ve got to rebuild the Middle Class. Across the country, too many hard-working families are being left behind, and Joe understands there should never be a limit to what you can achieve in America, regardless of your socioeconomic status.

We’ve got to restore American leadership on the world stage. The world is facing a rapidly changing climate, the risk of nuclear conflict, trade wars, and a rising China and an aggressive Russia. Joe wants to lead the global response by repairing our alliances, standing up to foreign aggressors, and rallying the world to address these challenges.

We’ve got to build an inclusive democracy. In order to fix our broken political system, Joe is committed to passing campaign finance reform, strengthening voting rights, and eliminating gerrymandering.

This is Joe’s vision for America. Let’s achieve it -- together.

Joe Biden is the right leader for this moment. Joe knows hardship. When he was 10, his family moved to Delaware for work after Joe’s dad lost his job. This taught him about the dignity of work - a lesson he’s carried with him ever since.

In the U.S. Senate, Joe moved America forward. He was an early leader on campaign finance reform, climate change, and ending violence against women. Joe took on the NRA twice and won. He played a critical role in shaping American foreign policy on terrorism, post-Cold War Europe, the Middle East, and ending Apartheid.

Joe is ready to deliver results for the American people starting on Day 1. As Vice President, Joe led interagency efforts and worked with Congress to help expand the middle class, champion LGBTQ+ rights, and launch the cancer moonshot. During the Great Recession, Joe oversaw our country’s recovery, and he played a key role in the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

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