Cristina Diaz-Torres

Cristina Diaz-Torres is a former teacher and education policy specialist who believes every student has a right to succeed. She advocates for a Collaborative Framework for Education Governance where all APS stakeholders—parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders— work together to co-create policies that are equitable, culturally responsive, and reflective of all students’ needs. Cristina believes in:

Equity: Every decision must be made based on this promise: All students have a right to succeed no matter their race, gender, background, learning or physical ability, family situation, legal status, or zip code. Our budgets must afford educators the resources necessary to prepare students to thrive in college, career, and life.

Improved & Transparent Data: Improve how APS collects, analyzes, and shares data—ensuring the process is more transparent, provides action-ready insights, and is accessible to all stakeholders. APS must dismantle data silos by connecting the dots that show inequities and inefficiencies wherever they are found.

Supporting our Educators: Support teacher-driven, evidence-based professional development, and advocate for competitive compensation that allows our staff to live in the community where they work. Interest-Based Bargaining is a gamechanger that can empower education professionals to advance the needs of all students in every Arlington classroom.

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Cristina was a high school math teacher at an ELdense, Title-I school, where she saw how education policy can play out to the detriment of students on the margins. Now, Cristina works every day with education organizations across the country to implement evidence-based systems and policies. Currently, that focus has shifted to creating real-time solutions to problems rooted in the COVID-19 crisis. She’s ready to help Arlington develop community-appropriate best practices for returning to more equitable and adaptable schools. She gets the data, knows instruction, and believes every student has a right to succeed.

Facebook: @ChristinaForArlington
Twitter: @CDiazTorres240