Libby Garvey

After serving in the Peace Corps in Africa and as a PTA leader in our schools, Libby has worked for Arlington County officially since 1997 when she first joined the School Board. There she helped: close the achievement gap by over 50%; renovate or build most of our schools on time and on budget; and put in place bullying prevention and equal rights policies for LGBTQ students and teachers

In 2012, Libby was elected to the County Board where she has helped: expand our parks; improve our infrastructure; move to renewable energy for 80% of the County’s needs; support our older residents; and strengthen our economy. Libby has always focused on equity and wise spending.

As Board Chair this year, Libby is focusing on three themes: equity to help ensure everyone can live and thrive in our great community; innovation to meet our 21st-century challenges; and resilience to make sure our physical infrastructure can withstand climate change, while our social fabric stays strong.

Since January these three focus areas have taken on real urgency. Libby sees how connected they are:

“Our challenge now is how to keep the County running and deal with the twin pandemics of Covid and systemic racism. We are focusing on equity to ensure our most vulnerable have housing, food and healthcare, and on examining our police practices to make sure everyone feels safe in Arlington. We are innovating constantly to provide services to everyone and get the virus under control so our schools can open and our businesses survive. This is how Arlington will be resilient for the future.”

As we move toward 2021, Libby will continue to provide the leadership and focus we need to come through the pandemic as a welcoming, inclusive community where everyone can thrive

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