David Priddy

David Priddy is running for one of two open seats on the Arlington County School Board. A native Arlingtonian who grew up attending Arlington County Public Schools (APS), he has two sons in APS, one in elementary school and one in middle school.

David’s vision for being a member of the School Board contain two priorities:

1) Equity:

  • Hiring teachers that represent the diversity of the student population;
  • Providing cultural competence training for all APS employees;
  • Ensuring the new Superintendent and CDEIO commit to the strategy for equity and inclusion; and
  • Creating metrics to measure progress that align with the strategic plan.

2) Proper planning and projections:

  • Supporting the efforts of the Joint Facilities Advisory Committee to create a roadmap to plan correctly for growth; and
  • Creating facilities that are accessible to all parties and are conducive to teachers having a quality work environment.

For more details on his platform please visit priddyforschoolboard.com

David’s previous professional background in the elevator industry has uniquely positioned him to understand the business side of APS - managing budgets, multimillion dollar operations, working with labor unions, and dealing with various aspects of construction. This is supplemented by his active participation in the Arlington community. He has served in a variety of community organizations, and recently completed his tenure as the president of TJ Middle School’s PTA. His active engagement with these organizations during these uncertain times caused by COVID-19, ensures that the perspectives of parents, teachers, students and APS staff will be considered as APS makes difficult decisions around the safe return to school.

Website: priddyforschoolboard.com
Facebook: @PriddyforSchoolBoard
Twitter: @PriddyAPS
Instagram: @PriddyForSchoolBoard