Senator Mark Warner

As Virginia’s senior Senator, Mark Warner is focused on the challenges our country faces next. From helping Virginia pull through the coronavirus crisis and supporting our local economies as they recover to grappling with out of control cost of health care, the impacts of climate change and automation, Mark knows that finding the solutions to the problems we face is how we secure a better future for all Virginians. In the Senate, Mark will continue to focus on:

Fighting Coronavirus

With more than 200,000 Americans killed by the virus, Mark is working around the clock to make sure that the Senate’s coronavirus response works for every Virginian.

Fighting for Healthcare

Mark believes that expanding access to quality and affordable care to every American is a moral imperative. He has fought to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions and bring down the prices of prescription drugs.

Fighting for Racial Justice

The last four years have further exposed a crisis of racial inequality in our country. Mark is an original cosponsor of the Justice in Policing Act, which will hold police officers who break the law accountable. 

Fighting for Jobs

As Governor and Senator, Mark has been committed to making sure that Virginians have the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing economy and job market.

Fighting for Veterans

Mark believes we can honor our veterans’ service with adequate health care, a simplified benefits and appeals process, and improved mental health services.

Fighting for Education

Mark is dedicated to making sure that every Virginian has access to quality educational opportunities and job training that will help them succeed in our rapidly changing economy.

Fighting for Rural Virginia

Mark is committed to making sure that every Virginian has access to the tools and opportunities to help them succeed.

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Twitter: @MarkWarnerVA
Instagram: @MarkWarnerVA

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